Why should you move VirtueMart to OpenCart?

“Our site is based on Virtuemart 2. We often wanted simple features added for the convenience of customers. For example being able to edit a customer’s shipping address in the backend, that you would expect in a good online shopping facility, which weren’t there in Virtuemart 2. We wanted our client to use a powerful system with user-friendly interface for customers. So we switched to OpenCart.”

Above is share of Mark Atkinson, a digital marketing and design studio about why he decided to move VirtueMart to OpenCart. It is the choice of a huge number of VirtueMart users in degradation processes of VirtueMart.

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VirtueMart vs Magento: Neck and Neck?

Be a professional open source eCommerce solution with rich features, Magento quickly becomes the leading platform in the marketplace now. It is flexible for owners to control over the visual, content and functions of their store.

Whereas, VirtueMart designed as an extension of Joomla! CMS is also an open source eCommerce platform. It is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage. Continue reading “VirtueMart vs Magento: Neck and Neck?”