Should I do migrate from Prestashop to Magento?

Should e-merchants do migrate from Prestashop to Magento?

Magento is perfect for those looking for full control over the customization of their online store. Wide range of enterprise grow quickly will find the features of Magento a better fit than PrestaShop.

Smaller businesses or those not looking to grow quickly will find the user-friendly option of PrestaShop to fit perfectly with their needs. This system makes it easy to keep cost down and you won’t need to invest as much time into setting everything up.

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Make a big decision between Magento and OpenCart

Firstly, Magento and Opencart have some features in common: Open source platform; Developed in PHP; Use templates to upload products; Resource rich with extensions, plugins, add-on products; Popular to use and large support community; Multilingual support.

In other hands, there are some major differences between these two popular e-commerce platforms, which influences your choice so much.


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Move osCommerce to Magento: Why?

Magento and OsCommerce have been used widely for online eCommerce store development. Both are the best at some extent but still there are some areas that need to be improved.

As we know, osCommerce was although released earlier, its trend seems to go down in recent years. Then why lots of web developers and store owners have intention of migrate osCommerce to Magento?

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Tracking Conversion With Google Analytics

To optimize online business activities, e-merchants always have to determine what traffic source visitors come from and how visitors interact on their website. You use many advertising channels. However, not all channels are effective to bring conversion. How should business do to find, analyze and track conversion continuously?

Google Analytics is the most popular tool to track conversion from all traffic sources in your advertising campaigns.

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Safe way to import OsCommerce to WooCommerce

Your current OsCommerce website is old fashioned and doesn’t satisfy your business anymore? It is time to switch your online shop to a new modern platform.

WooCommerce, integrated seamlessly with WordPress, allows you to sell any products anywhere, is the most suitable choice. With updated features and endless flexibility, it now holds about 30% of all online shops, becoming to the most popular platform.

Don’t worry about your big database in current platform. There are different ways to import data to WooCommerce in the safest way.

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Straughter’s Story With WooCommerce Migration

R. Straughter is Client Services Manager at hotCombs Company, she has kindly agreed to share her experience on running BigCommerce to WooCommerce migration provided by shopping cart migration tool of LitExtention. Please, enjoy her story.

LitExtension’s staff – Luu (L):  How did you know ( ?
Straughter (S): I learned about Litextension after an extensive Google search for website migration companies.

L: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?
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Multi-Product Ads on Facebook to increase sales

Facebook announced a new ad format called “multi-product ads” last year. This feature was designed to do three things: generate more website visitors, drive better conversion rates, and improve re-marketing results. It has amazing potential and I’ve seen some awesome results in my test for shopping cart migration tool product. I recommend you start experimenting as soon as possible!

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Happy news for small businesses, just $79 for migration solution

LitExtension is a premier provider of best-in-class shopping cart migration tools and enthusiastic support for online business. Automated tools are good solutions to save time in administrating website and developing business.

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Keep search rankings and traffic with SEO URLs migration

After converting your store to new shopping cart in a way that will change the URLs of the pages, Migrate Product and Category SEO URLs Package is important to ensure that search engines and other traffic to your site can follow the old URLs to the new URLs.

What happens if businesses do not migrate products and categories SEO URLs?

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Great Offer: 50% Discount on Magento 2 Migration Tools



Launching in November 2015, Magento 2.0 attracts great attention of developer community with exciting features. This version focuses on improving performance, running system quickly and reducing budget. Magento 2.0 is expected to open the new professional generation for e-commerce market.

The search result of migrating from magento to magento 2.0 is about 28.000.000 results, which is ten times higher than search result of upgrade magento to magento 1.9.

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