Move osCommerce to Magento: Why?

Magento and OsCommerce have been used widely for online eCommerce store development. Both are the best at some extent but still there are some areas that need to be improved.

As we know, osCommerce was although released earlier, its trend seems to go down in recent years. Then why lots of web developers and store owners have intention of migrate osCommerce to Magento?

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Wrong will be right with right change

I’m Jaydent owning an online dried flower shop. My start-up began 5 years ago when I had graduated and hardy had any business experiences.

My friends and some online experts suggested I shouldn’t ignore an online store since it is trendy. However with not too much budget, I decided that my offline shop was most important and just chose quickly one shopping cart platform for online one. Through consultant from some web developers, I made decision to build my online store on osCommerce platform. It is not too difficult to install but I needed help from developers to make it optimized and good looking.

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5 trends of migrating data to Magento in the first six months of 2016

Magento is released to developer community in 2008. With the development over the years, Magento is known as one of the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, especially United State, India. Magento provides a huge variety of professional themes, featured extensions that support to promote online business to access customer. Magento gives complete solution with multiple currencies and multiple languages which allow you to sell products/services all over the world to any customers in any countries. Magento becomes big king of e-commerce. The demand of migrating data from old store to Magento continuously increase in 2016. Here is top 5 typical Magento migration forms.

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OsCommerce To WooCommerce For Small Business

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you turn your WordPress site into a full-featured online store. It gives you an easy way to handle inventory, payments, shipping, and more. It gives you reports on customers and products and it works with practically any theme and doesn’t get in the way of your website. It can be easily integrated into an existing site as well.
The security of the hosting environment is of great importance because it affects the reputation of your business a lot. If you owned a osCommerce site, which is hacked for once, it’s probable that you will lose over 90% sales, here’s my suggestion! To ensure and protect customers’ benefits with osCommerce to Woocommerce Migration of LitExtension

Reasons To Move osCommerce To Prestashop

Recently, Prestashop has become the trend of e-commerce community. According to Prestashop Usage Statistics, the number of websites used Prestashop in the year 2015 was really high. Significantly, from October to December, 2015, there have been 401,756 websites which have used Prestashop. And now, there are 249,613 live websites using PrestaShop – still a large number. For more specific, let look at the chart data of Prestashop from the beginning of 2015 up to now.

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Safe way to import OsCommerce to WooCommerce

Your current OsCommerce website is old fashioned and doesn’t satisfy your business anymore? It is time to switch your online shop to a new modern platform.

WooCommerce, integrated seamlessly with WordPress, allows you to sell any products anywhere, is the most suitable choice. With updated features and endless flexibility, it now holds about 30% of all online shops, becoming to the most popular platform.

Don’t worry about your big database in current platform. There are different ways to import data to WooCommerce in the safest way.

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