Safe way to import OsCommerce to WooCommerce

Your current OsCommerce website is old fashioned and doesn’t satisfy your business anymore? It is time to switch your online shop to a new modern platform.

WooCommerce, integrated seamlessly with WordPress, allows you to sell any products anywhere, is the most suitable choice. With updated features and endless flexibility, it now holds about 30% of all online shops, becoming to the most popular platform.

Don’t worry about your big database in current platform. There are different ways to import data to WooCommerce in the safest way.

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Straughter’s Story With WooCommerce Migration

R. Straughter is Client Services Manager at hotCombs Company, she has kindly agreed to share her experience on running BigCommerce to WooCommerce migration provided by shopping cart migration tool of LitExtention. Please, enjoy her story.

LitExtension’s staff – Luu (L):  How did you know ( ?
Straughter (S): I learned about Litextension after an extensive Google search for website migration companies.

L: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?
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Happy news for small businesses, just $79 for migration solution

LitExtension is a premier provider of best-in-class shopping cart migration tools and enthusiastic support for online business. Automated tools are good solutions to save time in administrating website and developing business.

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Keep search rankings and traffic with SEO URLs migration

After converting your store to new shopping cart in a way that will change the URLs of the pages, Migrate Product and Category SEO URLs Package is important to ensure that search engines and other traffic to your site can follow the old URLs to the new URLs.

What happens if businesses do not migrate products and categories SEO URLs?

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Good solutions to convert shopping cart

Start business with the best shopping cart is the dream of every e-merchants. Developing of online business leads increase of e-commerce platforms, which is not only opportunities but also challenges for business to make a right choice. What is the most suitable shopping cart for your business in fifty e-commerce platforms? Eighty five percentage of business have ever felt unsatisfied and want to change their shopping carts. However, not all of enterprises know how to move your shopping cart to another quickly, easily, safely and with the lowest price. There are several ways to move their stores. LitExtension can list three main ways of data migration that most business choose: Continue reading “Good solutions to convert shopping cart”