Top 20 Social Media Influencers In Twitter – 2016

Social media is always exciting and playing a vital role in everybody’s life this era no matter you are an entrepreneur,celebrity,tech geek, social media evangelist & the list goes on. New social media channels are budding every day along with the new features for the existing one. Keeping up with the pace to track all the latest updates across the giant of networks is humanly impossible. So I have created the top 20 social media influencers whom you can follow and learn about the latest updates & strategies to help yourself in 2016.

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Magento upgrade to 1.9

In 2013, e-commerce market has a huge number of new online stores. Many e-merchants chosen Magento 1.8 that was the the latest at this point in time. After 8 years of developing, Magento is developing continuously with grandiose support for online stores.

You have using Magento Now, you want to upgrade magento 1.8 CE to 1.9 CE. Magento 1.9 is last version of Magento 1.x with a lot of powerful features that makes your online business successfully quickly. Amazing features are financing and payment solutions, security and UX, you can learn more at magento upgrade 1.9. Magento 1.9 is friendly with users of Magento 1.8.

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Magento upgrade 1.7 to 1.9

In 2012, e-commerce market extended with high-speed. A lot of new online stores are active. Many e-merchants chosen Magento 1.7 that was the most popular e-commerce platform at that moment. Magento 1.7 is be-loved with customer group based pricing, coupon code auto-generation, bank transfer payments, email logos, CAPTCHA and so on. It was amazing in 2012.

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Special Autumn Promotion: 20% OFF on Migration tool

Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, OpenCart, BigCommerce are most favored by e-commerce users on worldwide. If you’re looking for a Shopping Cart Migration Tool or ideas for better e-commerce platform for your website on a budget, LitExtension introduces you a perfect chance to migrate your website to one of the most popular shopping carts in an effective way with the lowest cost.

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Zen Cart vs OpenCart: What is better cart?

OpenCart and Zen Cart are two popular online shopping carts that include a large number of market share in the e-commerce. Zen Cart is one of the oldest carts with hundreds of well-developed plugins. Zen Cart supports non-programmers to adjust some settings in the code if needed. Beside Zen Cart, OpenCart is quite easy to set up and control. OpenCart provides the ability to edit CSS, change the layout quickly. It provides hundreds of professional templates and vast number of plugins.

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New Text Ad Format: Only 33 characters

With the arrival of expanded text ads, advertisers are discovering nuances about the new format and starting to see how bigger stacks up against standard in testing. Here’s a look at what we’ve learned so far from industry experts and Google itself about implementing, testing and evaluating expanded text ads in these initial weeks.

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Why should you move VirtueMart to OpenCart?

“Our site is based on Virtuemart 2. We often wanted simple features added for the convenience of customers. For example being able to edit a customer’s shipping address in the backend, that you would expect in a good online shopping facility, which weren’t there in Virtuemart 2. We wanted our client to use a powerful system with user-friendly interface for customers. So we switched to OpenCart.”

Above is share of Mark Atkinson, a digital marketing and design studio about why he decided to move VirtueMart to OpenCart. It is the choice of a huge number of VirtueMart users in degradation processes of VirtueMart.

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4 reasons to transfer WooCommerce to OpenCart

To prevail on e-commerce, choose a right type of shopping cart and create online store is the first steps to succeed on online venture. The e-commerce market widen over the world. More and more companies and developers focus on research and develop e-commerce system. It leads variety of e-commerce solution. Magento and WordPress are long-standing brands with a large number of market share. Beside them, OpenCart and WooCommerce are two interesting names that are recommended in 2016. They are quite easy to set up online shops, and have many options and possibilities for customization.

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Wrong will be right with right change

I’m Jaydent owning an online dried flower shop. My start-up began 5 years ago when I had graduated and hardy had any business experiences.

My friends and some online experts suggested I shouldn’t ignore an online store since it is trendy. However with not too much budget, I decided that my offline shop was most important and just chose quickly one shopping cart platform for online one. Through consultant from some web developers, I made decision to build my online store on osCommerce platform. It is not too difficult to install but I needed help from developers to make it optimized and good looking.

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5 trends of migrating data to Magento in the first six months of 2016

Magento is released to developer community in 2008. With the development over the years, Magento is known as one of the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, especially United State, India. Magento provides a huge variety of professional themes, featured extensions that support to promote online business to access customer. Magento gives complete solution with multiple currencies and multiple languages which allow you to sell products/services all over the world to any customers in any countries. Magento becomes big king of e-commerce. The demand of migrating data from old store to Magento continuously increase in 2016. Here is top 5 typical Magento migration forms.

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