10 tips to create content reaching more people on Facebook

Below are some tips we have consulted and experimented which helps whoever would like to create effective contents can use for your Facebook Fanpage:

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  1. Post a variety of content to attract interactions from a higher percentage of your users, raising your affinity score
  2. Focus on positive and fun content
  3. Respond to comments of your fans to increase interactions on post
  4. Post regularly but not too frequently
  5. Post content at time when people don’t work
  6. Attach attracting images to your posts
  7. Integrate landing page within Facebook to get higher conversion rates
  8. Post videos directly instead of links to articles with videos, so users can watch these videos within Facebook
  9. Ask questions and specifically ask for feedback from your fans
  10. Use Facebook Insights to measure which content performs the best on your specific page.

Now, feel free to share your own tips. They are certainly helpful for all of us.