Should I do migrate from Prestashop to Magento?

Should e-merchants do migrate from Prestashop to Magento?

Magento is perfect for those looking for full control over the customization of their online store. Wide range of enterprise grow quickly will find the features of Magento a better fit than PrestaShop.

Smaller businesses or those not looking to grow quickly will find the user-friendly option of PrestaShop to fit perfectly with their needs. This system makes it easy to keep cost down and you won’t need to invest as much time into setting everything up.



Prestashop is free to download and install basic application on the server, then users can decide what functionality is needed and only pay for the modules they need.

Magento is pretty different with 2 editions. With Magento Community Edition, you also have to pay no fee for charge. In other side, Enterprise Edition of Magento really spends for the biggest players because of its large yearly subscription fee.

However, the same thing here is the hosting service for long run is not free, in both cases.  Web developers and store owners may have to pay for most of the professional themes, designs and extensions also.


Because of no available of hosted solution, the installation of Prestashop depends on the host you select for your ecommerce website. If your host offers one-click installation, no technical knowledge requirement to install and vice versa. In general, PrestaShop is easy to understand to set up stores or add products.

The Magento installation depends on the version you choose. As spending for startups or small-scale enterprises, Magento Go servers seem to be ready to setup and nothing difficult. With Magento Enterprise Edition, it is more complicated with large and multinational corporations.


Magento and Prestashop are significantly different when it comes to having questions to answer or problems to solve.

If facing to some problem or any wonders about PrestaShop, users can join online community and discuss with other users or professionals. But it is seldom to get the official supports. Moreover, when coming across a lot of smaller bugs, PrestaShop installation only implies some technical knowledge to suggest you to fix on your own.

Regarding Magento, official supports come with only users choosing expensive Enterprise Edition. With the others, there is a community including a lot of talented and enthusiastic web developers who can be contacted any time on the different online forums.


Experts point out that even though PrestaShop includes some basic optimization possibilities, Magento is much stronger in the field of SEO with lots of opportunities to attract high traffic to your website.

Be responsive from 2014, Magento is compatible with all platform kinds, which brings user-friendly interface. This point makes Google’s algorithm rank Magento sites in good searching results. PrestaShop now is also mobile- friendly, so SEO in its website is improved completely.


PrestaShop offers over 300 features so becomes powerful ecommerce solution for small business or startups having not too large budget. Besides free software installation, users only have to pay for extra necessary extensions. Free features include:

  • Layered navigation
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Promotion rules
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlimited product and inventory management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Multi-store management
  • Return management

In this aspect, features and benefits offered by Magento are similar to PrestaShop with the added advantage that Magento Go is suitable for mobile applications and devices. Magento Go however does not offer gifting options.

Both platforms are open-source code systems, so certainly lots of different plugins and extensions are available. PrestaShop is simpler in installation and handling of the modules, even for the beginners, while you will need an expert with specific competence and experience to support installation modules with Magento.

We give two opportunities for e-merchants who are using Magento and Prestashop. Firstly, Magento to Prestashop migration is developed for special users to move database from old store on Magento to Prestashop automatically. No technical knowledge requirement. Secondly, Prestashop to Magento migration is more complicated. Users can follow Magento migration guide to migrate existing data to Magento without errors.


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KaLinh – Marketing at LitExtension