Move osCommerce to Magento: Why?

Magento and OsCommerce have been used widely for online eCommerce store development. Both are the best at some extent but still there are some areas that need to be improved.

As we know, osCommerce was although released earlier, its trend seems to go down in recent years. Then why lots of web developers and store owners have intention of migrate osCommerce to Magento?

1. Service

Thousands of develop agency
More than 300 official partners
7 official develop and hosting companies
⇒ Magento offers better and faster support for programers and online store owners as well.

2. Flexibility

Plentiful extensions with advanced programing interface
Based on the latest PHP 5 version, which makes more secure and easier to develop
Mixed code and design which denies to extend features.

3. SEO

Magento is preferred in this aspect, for sure:
– Search- engine friendly system
– Easy to set up for optimum SEO
– Available tools to enhance e-store rankings

4. Multi- Store functionality

Magento offers multi-store functionality to manage multiple storeviews, stores and websites within one installation. It is completely suitable for stores that would like to sell products on different domains but would like to have a unified administrative centre. If you need even more granular control, you can set up different, separate stores under the same domain to differentiate between items even better.

5. Marketing tool

Magento marketing tools are helping to develop online stores with highly advantageous features. Unlike osCommerce marketing features, it is so easy with low cost to integrate in Magento, which creates conversion rate in online marketing.

If you are running business based on osCommerce platform and wanna transfer data to Magento, LitExtension can support you with osCommerce to Magento migration extension. You can set up this extension easily and wait some minutes to run automatically.

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KaLinh – Marketing at LitExtension