Make a big decision between Magento and OpenCart

Firstly, Magento and Opencart have some features in common: Open source platform; Developed in PHP; Use templates to upload products; Resource rich with extensions, plugins, add-on products; Popular to use and large support community; Multilingual support.

In other hands, there are some major differences between these two popular e-commerce platforms, which influences your choice so much.



OpenCart is a free solution for your business. Because of its light weight, it is only necessary to pay a little for a web hosting package, and then no license is needed, download and modifications are available. So, OpenCart is really right choice for start-up or small scale online store.

Regarding Magento, there are more options to choose. Depending on your demands, you can use Magento Community (free of charge, for small stores) or Magento Enterprise Edition ($18,000 annually, for larger enterprises). Whether free or commercial, Magento requires license to guarantee confidence for users.


In this term, OpenCart is said to be easier to set up and use than Magento, which is the most advantage for the beginners or even non-technical. Meanwhile, Magento is more suitable for developers or tech-savvy merchants. One good point is Magento offers various options allowing users to modify their website. Inspite of a little time and patience requirement, it is not wasteful to improve user experience and revenue growth.


Magento offers lots of features in terms of design and layout that allow users to build and customize your website as you want. OpenCart’s flexibility is pretty limited. However, flexibility may come with complexity, so Magento maybe make some problems for whom are not developers

Another draw back of OpenCart is modifying metadata and performing actions in SEO. Even though there are especially created extensions that can help, it cannot get the endless possibilities that Magento has to offer, such as optimizing titles, images and URL’s and connecting a store to a WordPress blog. Magento users also easily connect their stores to a WordPress blog, while OpenCart does not offer it as easy.

About user experience, Magento also offers users the ability to access and maintain order history and product comparison, which can bring more sales for your business. It is one of the reasons why Magento is not free like OpenCart.

In conclusion, Magento or OpenCart platform only really brings profits when you choose it right. Hope above comparison can help you find out best solution for your business.

If you are owning unsatisfactory platform and wanna go to another after this article, you can discover some tools to support migrate OpenCart to Magento or migrate Magento to OpenCart migration.

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KaLinh – Marketing at LitExtension