Move BigCommerce to OpenCart: Should or not

BigCommerce and OpenCart are two popular shopping cart in 2016.

Bigcommerce is the type of e-commerce website for practice and increase the knowledge about online store’s but if you take on research that is available on monthly rental and sell’s basis if you have good revenue so you can and this is based on pre declared script so you can not take the authority of source code and you have limited for choose pre define themes and functions you can not modified this as per as your requirement and you have to pay every-time.

Opencart is the power full CMS for e-commerce store that is designed only for e-commerce store and that is fixable solution for high volume sells and and their is easy management available as compare to other and opencart e-commerce software is designed for all kind of user technical and non technical user both can manage easily and their is no limitation for add new feature’s and all now days many populer e-commerce are using opencart if you can check all the payment gateway supports this and this is fixable e-commerce solution for all kind of stores and their is no need to pay all the time.


I prefer OpenCart. Because comparing with SAAS such as BigCommerce, Shopify, 3dCart, OpenCart seems to be easy to design and control, especially cheap cost for development and improvement. With BigCommerce, you can have to pay $29.95 or highly. The supported language is limited (USA, UK, Canada, Australia). OpenCart supports most language. The community of BigCommerce is not free and comfortable. Don’t be cheap, time is money.

If you want to migrate data from old BigCommerce to OpenCart, you can use BigCommerce to OpenCart migration easily.

On the other hand, OpenCart to BigCommerce migration is safe way to come to new trip with BigCommerce.

Melanie Johnson – Marketing at LitExtension