Magento upgrade from 1.4 to 1.9

In 2010, Magento introduced version 1.4 with some prominent features that stand out in terms of content management, system performance and also some user enhancing functionalities such as widgets and content WYSIWYG features.

In 2016, e-merchants haven’t said about it. They want to more and more complicated things to satisfy customers’ need that is required more day by day.

Magento 1.9 is the latest version 1.x of Magento. Magento 1.9 is known with security updates, responsive theme updates, functionality fix bugs, improved performance, tax calculation improvements and so on. It is not surprising that more and more e-merchants find a magento upgrade extension to upgrade magento 1.9. If you have same opinion, let’s try Magento upgrade from 1.4 to 1.9.

You can test magento upgrade 1.9 manually with some steps:

  • Make one clone copy of your database 1.4
  • Extract the latest version of Magento
  • Run the Magento installation
  • Give your database user/password and this give database name of clone database of 1.4
  • Proceed to further installation.
  • When your Magento installation finished, your database upgraded to latest version successfully.
  • Take one by one customize and third-party module to this latest version of Magento. And if it cause any issue you need to check for the latest version supported module or need to fix so that can work with version 1.9.

However, magento upgrade process hides many errors during migrating data. Your store can be loosen images, categories, reviews. In some case, you cannot change custom field after upgrading to 1.9.


Magento upgrade service is smart solution to migrating products, customers, orders, categories and other data from Magento 1.4 to 1.9 with keeping all data system. You can choose exactly data that you want to transfer to new store. SEO URLs is supported to migrate.

Magento upgrade:


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Melanie Johnson – Marketing at LitExtension