Zen Cart vs OpenCart: What is better cart?

OpenCart and Zen Cart are two popular online shopping carts that include a large number of market share in the e-commerce. Zen Cart is one of the oldest carts with hundreds of well-developed plugins. Zen Cart supports non-programmers to adjust some settings in the code if needed. Beside Zen Cart, OpenCart is quite easy to set up and control. OpenCart provides the ability to edit CSS, change the layout quickly. It provides hundreds of professional templates and vast number of plugins.

In below, objective comparison will show some significant differences exist in many aspects of features, server requirement, design, shipping and technical support between Zen Cart and OpenCart.

Server Requirements

With OpenCart, developers create a web server to make the OpenCart store publically available on the web and select a hosting service. It requires hosted/online operating system.

ZenCart has minimum server requirements for running on the platform (Curl, PHP4.3, Apache 1.3.38 and MySQL 3.2.x). The application program requires Windows operating system to fully function.

Design Features

OpenCart is designed with rich features including digital goods, daily backup, multi-store support, bulk image upload, PCI compliance, site template and unlimited categories, products and manufactures marking a turn-key ready out of the box shopping cart solution. Generally speaking, it provides all necessary features to run a basic store and allows customization according to personal needs and requirements of merchants. Open Cart support 18 optional languages.

ZenCart, however, features simplified installation and increased flexibility which enables people easily handle a great number of product features containing dedicated IP address, breadcrumb navigation, drag and drop design, WYSIWYG editor and optimized URLs. Only English is the supported language version.


Each software is integrated with shipping price as well as weight calculator, tax by state/country and USPS price lookup. Besides, OpenCart supports product specific tax rules, flat rate shipping and weight based shipping, which differentiate from the other featured international postage fee lookup, FedEx price lookup and UPS price lookup.

Technical Support

OpenCart users are allowed to look for a help via videos, emails, blogs, user manual, phone, request form, knowledge base and online self-server. OpenCart has strong user community that is available to seek help. On the other hand, Zen Cart provides active free technical support 24/7 on forum. They don;t answer individual support questions via email or telephone.

Each platform has different advantages and disadvantage. The comparison wish to help you have clear understanding about two platform and make a right choice for online business. Some developers prefer OpenCart than Zen Cart because of suitable features. If you agree, you can transfer Zen Cart to OpenCart and enjoy new choice.

More OpenCart migration extension to move your cart to OpenCart: http://litextension.com/opencart-migration.html

See your need and choose a right shopping cart.