Why should you move VirtueMart to OpenCart?

“Our site is based on Virtuemart 2. We often wanted simple features added for the convenience of customers. For example being able to edit a customer’s shipping address in the backend, that you would expect in a good online shopping facility, which weren’t there in Virtuemart 2. We wanted our client to use a powerful system with user-friendly interface for customers. So we switched to OpenCart.”

Above is share of Mark Atkinson, a digital marketing and design studio about why he decided to move VirtueMart to OpenCart. It is the choice of a huge number of VirtueMart users in degradation processes of VirtueMart.

Plugins and extensibility

VirtueMart is a shopping cart solution for Joomla. Virtuemart also doesn’t focus on the additional plugins and extension, so the number and quality of third party plugins is quite low. OpenCart is able to offer, paid or premium. It’s so frustrating sifting through plugin directories looking for extensions that should actually be part of the core in the first place. Users can find more extensions at OpenCart extension.

A focus on SEO and analytics

As I head up the online marketing stuff, I’m extremely focused on the SEO, user experience and analytics capabilities of e-commerce solution using for websites. SEO becomes one of the most important factors for online business. Unfortunately, Virtuemart 2 posed several issues in this department. There was no easy way to track goals and events. There were major canonical issues and site speed was also a bit of a letdown. The checkout was a mess and we required a large amount of resources to get into a useable position. Beside Magento, WordPress, OpenCart is the good choice. OpenCart is designed in a way that all of its pages can be indexed and identified in search engines. So by providing the identification information through Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta keywords, you are making it easier for search engines to get your store data. User can be sure about SEO results with OpenCart platform.

It can not deny that VirtueMart provide some features that supports to build online shop well such as you can create variously rich content for your site. However, small community with few programmers is one of the drawbacks of VirtueMart which may just give little support for users. If you decide to transfer VirtueMart to other platform, OpenCart is a good e-commerce solution with VirtueMart to OpenCart migration that allows you to import products from VirtueMart to OpenCart securedly and automatically.

Melanie Johnson – Marketing at LitExtension