4 reasons to transfer WooCommerce to OpenCart

To prevail on e-commerce, choose a right type of shopping cart and create online store is the first steps to succeed on online venture. The e-commerce market widen over the world. More and more companies and developers focus on research and develop e-commerce system. It leads variety of e-commerce solution. Magento and WordPress are long-standing brands with a large number of market share. Beside them, OpenCart and WooCommerce are two interesting names that are recommended in 2016. They are quite easy to set up online shops, and have many options and possibilities for customization.

OpenCart is evaluated as a solution that is simple and effective. New users can set up and start OpenCart store quickly and easily. The interfaces offered by this solution are very straightforward and simple ones.

WooCommerce is a good choice for a basic shop. WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress. It inherited many advantages of WordPress, especially SEO. And WooCommerce interface is friendly with WordPress’s user.


OpenCart is a free open-source shopping cart. OpenCart developers brings users many free themes and extensions.

WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin. However, WooCommerce offers priced license upgrades, extensions, and updates if you want more than the basics.


OpenCart have released version 2.2 with more 20 excited features to refresh your e-store functionality. Your choice is suitable with 2000+ responsive themes. There are also a great deal of add-ons available. OpenCart supports integrations with the following business systems and applications such as MYOB Account Right, PayPal, Authorize.net, and SagePay. Unlike other, it has more number of inbuilt shipping and payment methods.

On the other hand, WooCommerce need to install on WordPress platform. Users have to add theme and extension to set up online store. Business perhaps have to pay for a good amount of extensions to meet your diverse needs such as PayPal.

Multiple Stores

As I know, OpenCart is quite easy to set up multiple e-commerce sites using a single installation. On the other hand, WooCommerce needs multiple installations to create multiple shopping carts.


OpenCart has more number of developers with many large user communities over the world, thus you get support easily. OpenCart comes with some very good documentation, which guides users through all the initial setup and other functionality. Screenshots are also included to make the documentation more efficient.

WooCommerce provide limited support with almost no community discussion. You only find a help on WordPress’s support or a new idea on Wootheme. You have to pay additional fees to gain access to the forum. WooCommerce doesn’t have mainstream forum to support.


In general, WooCommerce is suitable for small and medium business that want to extent a shop in the simplest way. If you want an independent online channel, and do not need too much customization, OpenCart is a better choice for start online business. On the other hand, OpenCart migration tool is a new e-commerce solution that supports client to migrate old shop to OpenCart without changing existing data. You can renew your online store safely with WooCommerce to OpenCart migration. It will be a turning point in the business road.

Melanie Johnson – Marketing at LitExtension