5 trends of migrating data to Magento in the first six months of 2016

Magento is released to developer community in 2008. With the development over the years, Magento is known as one of the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, especially United State, India. Magento provides a huge variety of professional themes, featured extensions that support to promote online business to access customer. Magento gives complete solution with multiple currencies and multiple languages which allow you to sell products/services all over the world to any customers in any countries. Magento becomes big king of e-commerce. The demand of migrating data from old store to Magento continuously increase in 2016. Here is top 5 typical Magento migration forms.

1. Magento to Magento migration tool

In 2015, Magento 1.9 receives many good appreciation from developer community. At the end of this year, Magento continues to release Magento 2.0, the newest version. After six months, Magento 2.0 is considered hot topic of developer and online business. With Magento 1.x users, they know about Magento and Magento’s benefit that brings to online business. They want to update the new amazing features such as responsive them update, functionality bug fixes tax calculation improvement. It can be seen that more and more business upgrade Magento 1.9 to 2.0. The average search in first six months of 2016 of Magento to Magento 2 is about 4000 per month.

Bellow is the trend of using Magento 1.9. In Dec 2015, Interest over time of Magento 1.9 deep decreased with the releasing of Magento 2.0. Undeniable that Magento 2.0 is really more special than Magento 1.9.

interest over time of magento 1.9

Interest over time of Mageno 1.9

2. OpenCart to Magento migration tool

According to Google Planner, there have been approximately 2000 search to export OpenCart to Magento per month. LitExtension – a leading provider of Shopping cart migration tool share that they implement about 100 orders to import products from OpenCart to Magento each month. OpenCart has a large amount of loyal users, who use OpenCart many years. A part of them have trends to renew online store with other strong platform. Almost of them are young people with desire to conquer new change of e-commerce market. OpenCart does not promise a very high performance, less user options for additional plugins such as for SEO. OpenCart is not easy to customize, and might constrict for some business. They realize that Magento can bring more and more features to increase sale quick. They decide to change.

3. WooCommerce to Magento migration tool

There have been around 2000 search on WooCommerce to Magento import per month. WooCommerce is the good e-commerce solution to start online business with low budget and technology. It is light, easy to control but beautiful. WooCommerce is suitable for beginner. On the other hand, Magento is suitable for big scale business with financial resource, human resource. It provides powerful features. This platform becomes the destination of WooCommerce’store after some years of developing.

 4. osCommerce to Magento migration tool

osCommerce to Magento database migration becomes the third tool in top 5 popular rankings. osCommerce has over 16 years of research and development. Above all, osCommerce understands online market to satisfy customer’need. Sometimes, the change of osCommerce can’t catch up with user’s demand, they need a different solution such as Magento. For example, osCommerce only allows you one which can have a negative impact on your SEO scores if you list items in multiple categories. However, Magento has multiple-store which allows you to manage from one back-end. In payment, osCommerce doesn’t have the range of payment options compared to Magento. Additionally, Magento offers coupons and some special offer. It promotes user to use Magento rather than osCommerce.

5. Prestashop to Magento migration tool

As same as WooCommerce, Pretashop is quite simple with new online business. Prestashop is usually used in Madagascar and Western Europe. It is explained that using platform has trends by region. It means you often choose the platform that many business around you choose. It is the first choice. Pretashop to Magento migration trend increases when many Prestashop store want to expand online business day by day. They need many features that Pretashop does not provide well. Magento supports user more comfortably in large ones. Therefore; the one who wants to expand the scale of business will export Prestashop to Magento.

Melanie Johnson – Risks