VirtueMart vs Magento: Neck and Neck?

Be a professional open source eCommerce solution with rich features, Magento quickly becomes the leading platform in the marketplace now. It is flexible for owners to control over the visual, content and functions of their store.

Whereas, VirtueMart designed as an extension of Joomla! CMS is also an open source eCommerce platform. It is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage.

It is easily seen that Magento and Virtuemart are similar in some aspects. Both of them are freely available for download and installation. One more point users may satisfy with both is large development community with many professional experts who are always ready to support.
However, to choose the best for your online store, eCommerce business owners need to find out more information and consider whether suitable or not with their store. Experts have some general comparison like this:

With beginners who have no or little ideas about technique, VirtueMart seems to be preference because it is pretty easy to download then set up. On the other hand, Magento requires more complex skills and even preparedness. This complication, in contrast, brings great power with plentiful features which make your store become the giant!
So, if you agree to spend time or a little money for Magento setup, it is certain that you are about to be a big boss owning powerful business!

The fundamental reason why Magento is the leading eCommerce solution is its diverse customizability. While with VirtueMart, ECommerce owners just are supported with simple extensions, Magento user can modify all things like themes, product, product category, etc. as you expect. Your customers also easily look for by filtering what they want as you can add unlimited attributes to the products on your website.

In this term, it is proved that Magento can offer you detailed reports of how exactly products, product categories perform, or the way customers use your website to research more about user behavior, then have better modification for your store. You may also find analytics at your VirtueMart site, however it is not detailed or cannot make satisfactory.

Designed as Content Management System, VirtueMart is really suitable for Search Engine Optimization. Magento, although just a eCommerce platform, still takes pride in SEO by creating individual URLs.

Another point are the diverse promotion possibilities: you can either offer discounts within a certain period of time, offer those for more precisely defined user groups, or even provide certain products at a different price if they are bought together. You can advertise certain products together with those that are regularly purchased together. With these powerful features, Magento recently becomes the partnership with eBay to improve its community of experts who always research for new features, plugins, modules.

Hope this article can help eCommerce store owners make the right decision. Virtuemart to Magento can enhance your business, just when you choose the most suitable one. Anyway, webmaster community tend to prefer Magento Рa powerful solution. So, if you need a way to export VirtueMart products to Magento, migration experts offers you a VirtueMart to Magento import extension that allows to transfer data automatically with low risks.

Be a smart owner, first in your decision!

Anna Smiths – Marketing at LitExtension