Drupal Commerce vs. Magento: Which is best choice for e-Commerce platform?

Drupal Commerce and Magento are both comprehensive e-commerce platforms, which brings many advantages for online business. Communities using these shopping carts are big. However, which is really the best choice for online stores with wide range of scales and creates more conversion in sales? Below are some suggestions by experts:


Drupal is not DIY friendly. Even with basic knowledge, you may face to lots of problem. Without an experienced technical staff, you seem to not be able to have Drupal set up and run in short order and short time.

In contrary, it takes only about some minutes with some simple steps to install Magento. Developers or store owners are not effortless to creative a Magento store.


Because of too variant and complex options, Drupal requires time to find out how and for what exactly things work and what your real needs are. It means that unless you are a skilled developer, there will be a big learning curve waiting for you.

At the same time, it is not too difficult to discover Magento- a mature platform. Even though owning a huge number of modules, Magento handles their requirement very well. Moreover, lots of training videos, understandable guides making easier to use is available for all.


The users will be able to use the ecommerce store really comfortably only if they have the chance to search on everything. And Magento can give this chance with narrow-down search. Users are free to find the most products they want even among thousands of ones. Users also can initiate a search based on categories, price range, brand, color or any other variable This is extremely important because Magento offers unique possibilities to customize product attributes in the database. Therefore this also represents an advantage for the ecommerce stores that operate with a large number of products and also with diversified products. Web developers and store owners can also expect about conversion with Magento because of its great deal of built in promotional options.


Even Drupal operate a content management system by default, Magento offers better SEO functionality. You do not need to give up on ranking high on the hit lists, the system, as a whole, is very well optimized.


The strength of Drupal is content and it is especially ideal when you want to sell a low number of products with a few different attributes, like books. Meanwhile, Magento is capable of handling several thousands of products practically without problems. You can assign loads of different attributes to these, which are also easily searchable. So, if you are ambitious to sell the complete product range of a large company, or you are building such an online store where you sell a large number of products by default, Magento is the right choice.

drupal migration to magento migration
drupal migration to magento migration

In conclusion, whether you are running online business or ready to own an online store in the near future, it is advised to use Magento platform. Not too difficult to use with plentiful of function which can help you push sales.

And if your store now is Drupal Commerce, you can find out and use Magento migration service. This tool is designed by migration expert to help store owners transfer Drupal to Magento automatically with low risks.

 Anna Smiths – Marketing at LitExtension